Our Shows

We've been working on a new display system, that is more time and space efficient. Currently it takes us a minimum of 1.5 hours to completely set up our booth, in part to the one of a kind nature of our work and the amount of variety we like to bring to each show. We also have lots of layering pieces, and make Necklaces, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets. 

I've posted some photos from the past year or two that shows the variety of our display, essentially made out of the same components. With this current design we can set up entirely different, dependent on what space we are working with

If you take a look there are more than 150 unique pieces available at each show, which requires some really creative solutions with a custom set up each time. We are finally building a modular system that will have mounted display boards that run the length of our tables with two different levels. Each panel that we will be easily be able to display 30 pieces using pegs to simply slip designs over holding pieces in place from the back, improving the ease of our set up process and the visibility for the customer. 

As much as we love the challenge of our unique current system, the new set up is going to make our shows and set up process, so much better.