Flying Car 2014

Hi guys!

This past week I (hi it's Danielle!) was able to attend the Flying Car 2014: People Powered Innovation event.  Flying Car was a (2) day conference that brought together entrepreneurs and innovation dreamers alike at the UW-Milwaukee Zelazo Center.  During this event we were introduced to a multitude of speakers, several hands-on lab experiences and (2) packed days of networking with Milwaukee's brightest minds.  

While there were a ton of highlights - I wanted to outline (3) of the biggest take-aways I gathered while attending.

Highlight #1 - David "Shingy" Shing - AOL Digital Prophet

I consider anyone who owns a business, is thinking about opening a business, writes a blog, maintains your own social media page (you get the point) - in the "marketing business."  Shingy works for AOL and is a MASTERMIND at the art of speaking.  From the moment he stepped on the stage the entire room was engaged.  

He speaks to our social media overload - and man is he right!  So how does one stand out in this world?  From delivering useful content, to exploring your mobile interface - Shingy has a ton of great information.  If you're up for (15) minutes of entertainment and education take a peek at his Tedx Talk here:

He's SUPER into augmented reality too.  Want to see a local artist who is using this tool?  Check out our friend Dena Nord and her brilliant work here.  In fact she took 1st place at the Flying Car Poster Competition in 2013!

Highlight #2 - "Designing Spaces for Collaboration" - Carlton Reeves

Carlton and other University Innovation Fellows put together a wonderful hands-on lab that really outlined the need for thinking about the space you place yourself and your coworkers in.  This lab really stood out as it facilitated hands-on learning.  From the moment the lab started, we were placed into teams in different scenarios trying to "solve puzzles."  We were sitting, we were standing, we were given a white board, a variety of tools were on each table - and throughout it all we learned what worked for us and our teammates.  

Really hands out, easy and fun learning - hoping Flying Car focuses on more of these types of labs next year!

Highlight #3 - Steve Wozniak

The man needs no introduction.  The Woz - the brain behind the Apple I and Apple II - was a revolutionary part of computer innovation.  While I am not an engineer - hearing him speak crossed industries and I truly believe everyone was able to take a few new ways of thinking away.  What stuck with me the most?

“Building a product that you want is more important than building it for others.” - Steve Wozniak

Whether it's a piece of our jewelry, or we're picking...our filter at Copper Shoppe is always whether or not it' hits our standards.  Don't focus on making something "good enough" - instead use the filter of whether or not you would appreciate it if it was given to you.  We're tough critics - and expect only the best - which is exactly what our customers deserve.


All in all, Flying Car was a fantastic experience that I look forward to attending again next year!