In The Beginning....

When we try to sit down and describe how Copper Shoppe began - it sounds almost like a blind date.  A mutual friend, deciding that our dreams, our deepest ambitions sounded quite similar and connected us on Facebook.  A few messages back and forth and we (Rachel & Danielle - hey that's us) - decided that it sounded like we did have a lot in common and decided to meet up.

A classy bar, a few cocktails and some amazing conversations - and it turns out - we did have a lot of the same goals.

So the discussion started.  What was our ultimate goal?  What can we do now as an outlet?  Most importantly, how can Copper Shoppe start creating NOW.

The opportunity to create presented itself quite soon after we joined forces - Creational Trails.

The call went out to all local artists and creators alike to brainstorm improvements to a 10-block stretch of West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee.  This is an area that has loads of potential, but in recent history has deteriorated slowly.  At one end of the 10-mile stretch, sits a beautiful piece of architecture - Grand Avenue Mall.  Throughout this street you will find a historic library, plenty of performance space and a renowned University.  However, it remains un-embraced.

Copper Shoppe focused on the "why" of the street.  Why should our generation want to go there?  Why should our peers take ownership of the space and increase it's safety?  Our answer - they need to consider it Their Neighborhood.

By increasing the reasons to be there (ie. Art space, performance space, market shows, etc) - you increase the neighborhood population.  In return, you see increased foot traffic, willing investors and a safer area.  164 entries were submitted in total - an amazing turnout for Milwaukee.  While Copper Shoppe was not one of the selections - (2) great projects were selected and will be up for all to see soon!


 Copper Shoppe's vision for Wisconsin Avenue (Milwaukee, WI) - Creational Trails

Copper Shoppe's vision for Wisconsin Avenue (Milwaukee, WI) - Creational Trails